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Atlanta Motor Speedway Live

Atlanta Motor Speedway Live | Nascar Live TV Track

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Atlanta Motor Speedway formerly named Atlanta International Raceway. It is located at Henry County, Georgia, at 1500 Tara Place Hampton Georgia which is twenty miles of South Atlanta. It is a Quad Oval Track of 1.54 miles with a seating capacity of 111000. It was opened in 1960 as a 1.52-mile standard oval track. The architect of Atlanta includes Dr. Warren Gremmel, Bill Boyd, Jack Black, and Garland Bagley. Atlanta has a lap record of 224.163 mph.

In 1997 the entire track was completely rebuilt. The front stretch and backstretch were swapped and the shape of the track was converted from oval to a quad-oval. It is one of the most popular stops on the Nascar Winston Cup circuit. Winston hosted by this track and attracted by millions of fans each year and makes the highest attendance records of all time. Over 250000 fans come from different countries to watch events on this speedway organized by Nascar. Smith Speedway motorsports have spent millions of dollars to expand the track and refurbish it and make the possibilities of 124000 seats, adding 141 luxury suites and nine stories Tara Palace. The track was reconfigured in 1997. Since then the track has become the fastest and most competitive track on Winston Cup. It has qualified the speed of 190 miles per hour in recent years. Atlanta also regularly hosts events like car shows, corporate functions, outdoor concerts, and even dog shows. It also hosts several driving schools year-round where visitors have to experience the different points behind the wheel of the car. It is also used for checking the speed of the vehicles which allows individuals to race six or more laps when the track is not used by any Nascar or other events.

Atlanta also provides shelter for the victims of Florida suffering Hurricane Frances. It also received heavy damage on the evening of July 6 caused by F2 Tornado which was originated from Hurricane Cindy. Multiple movies filmed at the speedway which include Smokey and the Bandits 2, Stroker Ace and Six Pack.

Currently, the races hosted by Atlanta include Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series, Nascar Xfinity Series, Nascar Camping World Truck Series, INEX raceCiever Legends Car Series and O’Reilly Auto Parts Friday Night Drags.

The Atlanta Track has faced many changes over the years. But recently under the ownership of Brutan Smith’s Speedway Motorway Company and they are trying to make it the best speedways of America. Atlanta has been trying to make it on the board at the earlier stage. It also faced multiple ownership changes also subjected to Chapter 10 Bankruptcy provisions in the year 1970 but in 1990 Brutan Smith purchased it and renamed it as Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Atlanta Management allows its fans to tailgate because they care about their fans. They are providing all the lists to make sure that everything is perfect for the purpose of tailgating and enjoying all the facilities. Georgia has a great weather condition; it has mild winters, beautiful spring, and summer.

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